Our Staff


Name Title Email
Derek Monjure Interim Head of School Derek.Monjure@OakHillClassical.org
James Cain Head of Vision and Advancement / Latin II, 11th grade British Lit/ Head Cross County Coach James.Cain@OakHillClassical.org
Tyler Godwin Director of School Operations / Head Swim Coach Tyler.Godwin@OakHillClassical.org


Name Title Email
Ruth Knuteson Receptionist Ruth.Knuteson@OakHillClasscial.org
Maya Buxton Administrative Assistant Maya.Buxton@OakHillClassical.org
Leah Recker Staff Childcare Director Leah.Recker@OakHillClassical.org
Tiffany Shiflett Childcare Assistant Tiffany.Shifflett@OakHillClassical.org
Hunter McCaig Childcare Assistant
Christy Monjure Admissions Director Christy.Monjure@OakHillClassical.org
Keri Walker Branding & Design Keri.Walker@OakHillClassical.org

Lower School Teachers

Name Title Email
Jeri Hanson K4 Jeri.Hanson@OakHillClassical.org
Kim Roberts Kindergarten (3 day option) Kim.Roberts@OakHillClassical.org
Jennifer Downs Kindergarten (5 day) Jennifer.Downs@OakHillClassical.org
Carrell Shivers Kindergarten Aide
Susan Rucker 1st grade Susan.Rucker@OakHillClassical.org
Sandy Beck 2nd grade Sandy.Beck@OakHillClassical.org
Carey Feldman 3rd grade Carey.Feldman@OakHillClassical.org
Laura DiGioia 4th grade/ Archery Coach Laura.DiGioia@OakHillClassical.org
Stephanie Ammons 4th grade Aide
LeeAnn McCaig 5th grade LeeAnn.McCaig@OakHillClassical.org

Upper School Teachers

Name Title Email
Aleta Landers 6th grade Aleta.Landers@OakHillClassical.org
Michael Butler Humanities, Latin, Logic Mike.Butler@OakHillClassical.org
Kristi Cain Life Science, Biology, Chemistry, Adv. Biology, Christian Ethics Kristi.Cain@OakHillClassical.org
Hannah Grey Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Cal / Athletic Director Hannah.Grey@OakHillClassical.org
Joy Lynne Gosey Ancient and Medieval History, English A and B / Upper School Coordinator JoyLynne.Gosey@OakHillClassical.org
Rebecca Ziegler Trigonometry Rebecca.Ziegler@OakHillClassical.org
Jessica Deagle Physical Science, 7th grade Latin Jessica.Deagle@OakHillClassical.org


Name Title Email
Heather Johnson 7th grade History/ Upper School Theater Heather.Johnson@OakHillClassical.org
Nicole Eason Art Nicole.Eason@OakHillClassical.org
Laura Mattison Physical Education Laura.Mattison@OakHillClassical.org
Heather McAllister Music Heather.McAllister@OakHillClassical.org